YUVsoft Super Resolution Demo  v.1.35

High quality video upscaling using a unique fast super resolution technology.

Resolution Calendar  v.1.0

Resolution Calendar helps you to achieve your new year's resolutions, or just to manage your resolutions the months of the year.


Nature Wallpapers High Resolution  v.1.0

Download the Best HD Desktop Wallpapers in any Resolution for FREE. Pure High Quality added daily to our Database. Nature Wallpapers High Resolution -

Screen Resolution Manager

Disputing display resolution and brightness settings with your colleagues or kids?! Stop the squabbles with this program! This is a utility that allows multiple users sharing a computer to set their own display resolution, brigtness and contrast options.

High Resolution App Tab Bar Icons  v.2013.4

Here is a High Resolution App Tab Bar Icons collection, which will help each iPhone or iPad application developer get his GUI in order. The icons from this set can be used in navigation, tab bars and toolbars of iOS applications.

EAW Resolution  v.

EAW Resolution is a powerful and easy-to-use simulation software that accurately predicts the performance of multiple arrays within a venue.

Resolution Master  v.

ResolutionMaster is a simple utility that automatically adjusts the screen resolution when a user logs on. It supports XP's Fast User Switching - and its Free and comes with source!

Display Resolution Manager  v.3 7

Display Resolution Manager is simple, yet much needed computer utility that allows each user to set preferred screen resolution.

PlasmaVis - High Resolution Music Visualization  v.1.1

Plasmavis creates countless varieties of high resolution animations from the music playing in Windows Media Player, responding directly to rhythm, volume, and pitch changes.High Performance,

Optical Resolution Model  v.1.0

Analyze light intensity with this tool. Optical Resolution model computes the image from two point sources as seen through a circular aperture such as a telescope or a microscope.

Low Resolution Modeline Calculator  v.0.9.2

Low Resolution Modeline Calculator (lrmc) is a modeline calculator for legacy CRT displays, including TVs, arcade monitors, and VGA monitors. It can also be used to calculate low resolution modelines for modern multisync PC monitors.

Easy Resolution Manager  v.

Easy Resolution Manager is a utility that enables the screen resolution. A resolution optimized for the LCD panel, and the 1024x768 resolution is provided for more handy use of the small-sized LCD panel. If a user selects a resolution and clicks the

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